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What to Expect for Your Baby's Photo Session

Congratulations on expecting a new baby or babies! Even though you may not be able to schedule the exact date and time for the photography session, you can still reserve your spot now! Just let me know what your due date is and then when the baby arrives, we will set up the exact day and time.

It's best to have the session when the baby is 5-10 days old. I understand that sometimes this doesn't always work and that's okay, we can schedule at any age.

Expect the session to take a few hours. This allows for breaks, feedings and diaper changes as needed. 


I have a wide variety of blankets, props, diaper overs, headbands etc.You are welcome to bring items that you want included in the photos such as outfits, blankets, and props. I recommend if the baby is named after someone, or if there is someone special in your life, to bring something of theirs such as a badge, hat, toy, shirt, tie, book, etc. 

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